Willowton Footwear                t/a   Manchester Shoes



                           Welcome to the home of Affordable Fashion!

We are a quality conscious, leather footwear manufacturer.  We manufacture formal shoes, casual shoes, .....just about any type of footwear  for any age, group, style, climate. When the requirements of the buyer are  specified, we start with quality materials ,set a standard for fine  craftsmanship, and pay attention to detail---- all the steps. That’s right ---we  don’t cut corners. Our quality excellence is reflected in every shoe 



Contact Details

Tel:     +27 83 786 3440     +27 33  3970975    
FAX:  +27 33 3970979   

Postal  address

P. O. Box 4211  Willowton  3200  Pietermaritzburg   Natal Rep. of  South Africa                                                

Email Address: sales@willowton.com 



We have created this website,to assist all customers that are unable to get hold of our print catalogue .Our printed catalogues are available for sale. Kindly contact us to confirm prices

This would make it easier to for all customers to see our latest catalogues